Gliding stuff

Glider Registration Map

A 26 x 26 grid showing all NZ registered gliders. Click on the glider registration for owner details. Glider Registration Map

Airspace file in TNP format as used by XCSoar, SeeYou, etc.

For the Omarama area (south of the Rangitata), with controlled airspace, mandatory broadcast zones, common frequency zones and danger aeas. From the data published on 6 October 2022. OA20221006.air

A description of how this file was generated and some maps showing the airspace.

Non-contest version of the Omarama area (south of the Rangitata) containing:

CUP format from XCSoar, LXNav, etc. KML format Google Earth with each class of waypoints in a folder.

Map with each waypoint type on a seperate layer.Landouts are color coded green for road retrieve, yellow for aerowtow only, and red for SOS helicopter only.

Task planning

A tutorial on tasks.

Mountain Soaring Briefings

A series of briefings on Mountain Soaring.

Commercial Air Law study notes

Study notes for Glider Commercial License Air Law.


A backup of your logbook is essential. I keep at least two copies at different locations.

Flarm airfield log

Glidernet Log

Flight analysis programs available for IGC logs from glider flight loggers.

The commercial programs are getting fewer:

Defunct commercial programs are:

The free programs are:


KML file for use with Google Earth of the Omarama landout list 2023. Contains all landouts, some of which are SOS only, helicopter retrieve. Check carefully.

A map with the landouts and airfields on seperate layers, with NZ Topo map background map. Omarama landouts. Click on the markers for more info.

Map Tiles

A series of one degree by one degree map tiles of the South Island of New Zealand. Tiles.